MEET Arielle Shapiro, ASW

Associate Therapist

Associate Clinical Social Worker
California #95911

Under the supervision of Adella Jaeger, LCSW

Arielle started her career in the entertainment industry. Through producing human interest stories for talk shows, she realized how many people are out there who need help and support. She always knew that if she wasn’t working in television, she would be a therapist and after her last television job, she wanted to do more and truly make a difference in people’s lives. Arielle has worked with a variety of populations and age groups, but her passion is working with, supporting, and guiding adolescents.

Clients like you find Arielle to be relatable, warm, and compassionate. She creates a space where you can open up without judgment. As a Zeeva therapist, Arielle will help you look at things in new and different ways using a variety of practices and techniques, following a one size does not fit all approach.

Many may not know that: While no longer working in television, Arielle still loves watching it – and has watched Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer at least five times each. She loves cold weather and snow – one of the reasons she got her undergraduate degree in Boston was for the weather. People tend to pronounce her name Ariel (like The Little Mermaid), but it’s actually pronounced R-E-L.

More About Arielle:


Master of Social Work – Simmons University
BA in Writing – Emerson College

Professional Experience:

MSW Intern – Glendale Unified School District
MSW Intern – The People Concern
Senior Associate/Segment Producer – TelePictures
Senior Associate/Segment Producer – CBS

Locations she practices in:

California – West Los Angeles Office + Studio City + Online

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