Clinical Professional Counselor Intern Nevada # CI3040

Jamye Miller, CPC-I

Associate Therapist

Jamye’s passion for counseling began as a child surrounded by family members who struggled with mental health and substance use. She firsthand witnessed how much help the ones we love can need. Jamye’s commitment to mental health and addiction work is inspiring. Her experience spans from working with teens and adults with substance and alcohol use to depression and anxiety. Jamye incorporates a mind-body, somatic therapy work with clients.

Clients like you find Jamye to be open-minded, down to earth, and very compassionate. As a Zeeva therapist, Zeeva is direct but gentle. She incorporates thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and bodily sensations to help you gain a deeper understanding of your lived experiences.

Many may not know that: Jamye grew up and lived in Northern Indiana. She also has 7 biological siblings. She enjoys hiking, traveling, adventuring, and gardening. Jamye also has a love for scary movies, mystery, and true crime.


Masters in Mental Health Counseling & Counselor Education – Indiana University Bloomington
BA in Criminal Justice – Indiana University Bloomington

Professional Experience:

Counselor Intern– Addiction Treatment Recovery Center
Case Worker – Home Based
Mediator – Community Justice & Mediation Center

Locations She Practices In:

Henderson Office + Online

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