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For many of us, our mental health (and even some physical) issues are the result of unprocessed trauma. EMDR is proven to rapidly ‘rebuild’ how your brain processes those emotions.

Join us on Wednesday, January 20 at 11 AM to learn about how this therapy works, and if it’s a good fit for you.


Preferred Therapy by the APA/WHO/DOD

It's no surprise. Two dozen clinical studies show rapid improvement with EMDR

You deserve therapy that works

In a research study by Kaiser, 77% of patients suffering from PTSD had symptoms resolved

Affordable EMDR Sessions

Some of our EMDR therapists accept popular insurances like Medicare and United Healthcare. For cash-pay clients, EMDR therapy starts at $120/session.

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EMDR has shown to help with a number of mental health issues:

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Don’t get a surprise therapy bill! Our billing team provides a complimentary review of your insurance benefits, so you know exactly your copays and out of pocket costs.

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Our therapists are here to help you!

You are not alone. Sometimes, it is hard for our own family, friends, and those closest to us to understand what we are going through, and help us.

Sometimes you need someone who “gets it.”  Our therapists are skilled at providing the most successful EMDR & psychotherapy services to treat many symptoms. Your Zeeva therapist will design a personalized treatment plan for you. In short, our goal is to help you find joy in your life.

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Associate Therapist