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You can book sessions in our office, or online; during the day, evenings and weekends.

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We accept Medicare and many other insurances. For cash-pay clients, sessions start at an affordable $95

COVID-19 & Behavioral Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a massive mental health crisis
Increase in US mental health challenges

Increase in suicide hotline calls

Our team is here to support you during this crisis. We are available for in-person sessions, abiding by social distancing and local regulations.

Many of our therapists have been doing teletherapy for years – before the pandemic. We offer extended hour availability for teletherapy, and we use a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

Life can often be challenging & it’s hard to know where to turn.

There are many potential tools that can help you tackle your current challenges, it can all be overwhelming.

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The Zeeva Approach

At Zeeva, we use a mix of both traditional and cutting edge therapies to help you gain the most out of each session.

We have therapists specialized in modalities that include couples & sex therapy, EMDR, DBT, & CBT.

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